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The term is used for white-trash rednecks commonly found in run-down neighbourhoods in the Niagara peninsula of Ontario (Fort Erie and Welland in particular).

In general the word is used as an insult for any dim-witted or moronic individual, with some hillbilly overtones.
Doug always loses a wad at the strip joints. He's such an oaskie that he thinks the peelers are interested in more than his money.
by Zinc July 19, 2004
A fan of Peter Gabriel who would seem to like him to much,but doesn't care,scares So/Us fans,and passer byers. Would do anything to meet PG,or to get rare items.
I own every PG item know to man! I am such a Solsburian!
by Zinc March 07, 2004
Peter Gabriel's sevetnth album.
Woah,you got So? Great album!
by Zinc March 07, 2004

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