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n. Of or pertaining to a female's unattractive face. A face that closely resembles the catcher's glove or outfielders glove in the game of baseball.
Chiefly British definition - A female's face that has similarities to a wicket keeper's glove in the sport of cricket.
"Holy cow Jed, she looks like she's been catching fly balls in outfield all afternoon without a glove!"

"The batter tries to turn the all-star bowler into the leg-side, and with the sharp turn that the master leg-spinner is able to impart, he gets only a leading edge and offers a catch by Karen, with her face, at slip.
by ZimmFilmz August 28, 2005
n. A sexual procedure that involves a hand(s), in the shape of a fist, and the vagina or buttocks.

vt. Sexual actions using the fist, your own or someone elses. Pumping the vagina or rectally with a fist. Also called Panzering.
"Darling, will you give me the Panzer tonight?"

"Honey, I could really use something larger tonight, give me the Panzer!"

"I say fair maiden, would you prefer a double-barrelled Panzer tonight?"
by ZimmFilmz August 28, 2005
n. A quadrilateral pair of breasts of either sex or animal having two parallel sides.

sl. Trappys, Trappers (Chief Brit).

New Latin trapezods, from Greek trapezoeids, trapezium-shaped :trapeza, table; see trapezium + -oeids, -oid. Old English trappytits.
"That's a strange table-looking bra that woman has on Dan," "No that ain't no bra Grant, those are trapezoids!"
by ZimmFilmz August 28, 2005
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