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1. A disorder that affects individual when so addicted to an online Role-Play-Game that they begin to lose touch with reality and mistake real life with a game.

2. A disfunction when an individual uses common internet slang in everyday life causing people to avoid and shun that individual.

3. When one of the above individuals plays an RPG nonstop for several days leading to his/her eventual death from build up of toxins in the bloodstream. This is caused by not expending calories or natural waste. Unfortunately, there is no cure.

1. Geek: Poor -insert friends name here-. Look at him, eating dinner and trying to level up his Knight-Elf-Mohawk.

Geekdoctor: Well it's not his fault, I mean he has RPG ADD.

Normal Person: You're all queers...

2. Person with no life: Dude, last night was so ubercool, heh, heh *snort*. I loled at that mingebag trying to pwn that super admin. He was like kick, ban, n00b.

Eavesdropper: Eh, could you say that again, this time not in fuckup?

3. Morgue on the phone: Ma'am, we've discovered the cause of death.

Mother: Oh, *sob* please, what was it?

Morgue on the phone: He died of RPG ADD.

Mother: What?

by Zim1450 April 18, 2009
1. A super powered weapon used in the Half-Life 2 modification Garry's Mod multilayer. Normally restricted to admin or super admins in the ASSmod menu.
Random guy: Fucking admin abuse, look at him, using the admin cannon. He killed me four times now!

Admin: Well I wouldn't have to use the admin cannon if you would stop fucking spawn killing! You goddamn bastardslapping hypocrite!
by Zim1450 April 18, 2009

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