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This is an interesting form of the widely over used word fuck/fucker. It clearly has some offworld origin, but from where remains uncertain.
It works best when uttered under the breath. The term can become unweildy when spoken in full voice; esp in sentences.
by Zilya December 24, 2004
Obviously a compound word, this is used as a question to challenge an opponent to a duel or battle of some kind.
One is asking another in anger if they would care to step to them or rather if they would like to take it outside.
This should be spoken as quickly and as clearly as possible for the proper effect. If not, perhaps because one is drunk, it might come out as the word fishy.
by Zilya December 24, 2004
A corruption of the common term: bastard
It was editted down to as(s)tard a rather fun word form still in usage today- but given the continued laziness of the human tongue and the need to be discreet among the easily offended this was futher shortened down. The 'd' became a 'g' and now the word could be passed for either a fatherless ass of a person or a Klingon pet, kind of like a dog.
You targ!
by Zilya December 24, 2004
A mocking and taunting insult chanted to another person for having mispronounced wanna-fucking-finish-it
If you say this to a person you are exposing the fact that they have made an error; expect to get whacked; prepare to run.
Let the game begin anew.
by Zilya December 24, 2004
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