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When arranges his body and is able to poo into one's own mouth with a long continuous strand of poo. The strand cannot be broken or interrupted.
That guy mistook his mouth for a toilet when he chose to Monkey Rail.
by Ziggy Volten January 19, 2010
When one is Monkey Railing (ie. Defecating into one's own mouth with a continuous and uninterrupted log) and accidentally hits the gag reflex such that a total exchange of stomach contents for rectal contents occurs.
Oh man, I was monkey railing the other day and I totally just quatchi'd into my buttox.
by Ziggy Volten January 19, 2010
When one is about to ejaculate but completely confuses ejaculation with urination and thus creates a golden shower instead.
My boyfriend is a total imbecile! He totally mukmuk'd all over my new sheets when he mistook me for a urinal.

Doctor! You completely messed up when you were reattaching his vas deferens! Had I not caught this, he would have mukmuk'd all over somebody.
by Ziggy Volten February 10, 2010

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