13 definitions by Ziggy Stardust

a crustbucket is someone who is an old crusty curmudgeon. usually such a person is ugly, and sometimes smelly
i hate old crustbuckets
by Ziggy Stardust June 06, 2004
the act of shoving one's cock up another guy's anus; anal sex
the 2 gays took turns butt boingin' each other
by Ziggy Stardust February 01, 2004
an erection of the penis; a hard on or boner
"she was so hot i got a bongo just lookin' at her"
by Ziggy Stardust February 01, 2004
a term of endearment for naughty wisco peeps
here's your breakfast in bed, fat stacks.
by ziggy stardust May 28, 2005
the sun; the light giving orb that is the source of energy for our entire world
"the golden child has gone to bed"
by Ziggy Stardust February 01, 2004
Probably the most over-rated and (except for Vans), most widely worn skate shoes. Whenever you see someone skating with Emerica's it's a safe bet that they've also got a Baker deck and skin tight jeans. See Reynolds-clone.
Daft Cunt: Dude, check out my sweet new Emerica's! Now all I need is a trucker hat and some girly tight-jeans and I'll be just like Andrew Reynolds.
by Ziggy Stardust March 03, 2005
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