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5 definitions by Ziggurat 8

Nickname for a plastic whore. Also look for the word "plastic"
"Her boobs are fake, and shes anerexic... Shes a barbie!"
by Ziggurat 8 March 09, 2003
Kick ass cyborg witha a jackknife on his left arm who will kick your ass.
Ziggurat 8 just kicked my ass! Look at my eyes -.-
by Ziggurat 8 March 09, 2003
1. A relative of the cat family. All black with big green eyes.
2. A kick ass animal. A Fuzzy Feline Friend with an Axe.
1. "Can we go to the zoo? I want to see a Lynx."
2. "Dammit! Lynx just beat me again in Crono Cross! Damn him to hell!"
by Ziggurat 8 March 09, 2003
Something Melted To Make Something Solid...
"Man, I don't want Britney SPears to be my wife, she's to plastic, I'd be afraid she melt!"
by Ziggurat 8 March 09, 2003
Something people watch, get boners from, and jerk-off too, because they are too ugly and have so much of a low education that they cannot get a real real girlfriend.
"Man did you see the new porno with the russian chicks?"

"Nope, sure didn't, I was out doing it with a russian chick at that time."
by Ziggurat 8 March 09, 2003