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A term used to express mock exitement, often in the presence of acronym abusing AOL chatwhores.
StUpIdAoLbItCh237: lol this guy wuz all like "Dude" (blah blah blah....)

by Zigzag August 25, 2004
someone who is so distracted as to feel you for only a moment and subsequently forgets and moves on to other things.
"That chick said she knew where my heart lies and then walked away... what a f**king tempath!"
by ZiGZaG April 26, 2014
The act of getting high, then relaxing and kicking back with a few beers until your drunk too.
Dude...We were high as hell! then we decided to get faded. Go big or go home, right?
by ZigZag February 28, 2012

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