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Cookie Waza is a technique in martial arts (especially jujitsu) in which you grab your opponents testicles and twist. It is also known as the "five on two"
All drunken frat bastards deserve the cookie waza so that they won't be able to pass down their fratty genes.
by Zig March 18, 2005
Standard Pressure; 760 torr, 14.7 psi, etc.
Charles' Law works as long as the setup remains at SP.
by Zig April 02, 2003
Producer of electronic multimedia equipment such as recievers, amplifiers, cd- and dvd-players. Both stereo and sorround sound. Known for combining fairly low prices with good quality. NAD was originally an acronym for "New Acoustic Dimesion". Founded 1972.
My sorround reciever is a NAD.
by Zig January 16, 2005
Toliet paper applied to toilet seat prior to laying cable.
I had to build a huge throne on that bowl.
by zig April 23, 2003
One who smells like a circus folks bottom end.
Bill Gates or Steven SEAGULL
by Zig January 31, 2004
When your partner eats a lot of corn and needs to take a dumb. You give them a good deep buttfuck and when you pull out you cock it is covered with corn like corn on the cob.
If you want some corn on the cocks, feed her corn and tap that cornhole.
by Zig August 04, 2005

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