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To reuse or make a certain word or name stick out in a writing or speech. If you Highlight someone you make them stick out in a conversation. This is also used in Student Notes at school- To make things stand out more obviously to other paragraphs and phrases in an artical.
"There are some people, such as Ziel, in this world I cant stand. Ziel is one of them. Did you know that Ziel is an apthetic assholes? Among other people, though."
"What do you have agaisnt Ziel?"
"Then stop highlighting him."

"World War II was a horrid war with death and stuff. Death is bad. Indeed, death is really bad. There was also alot of stuff in the war. One of these things was a <highlight>breaking bond with many countries in Europe and across the globe.</highlight>"
by Ziel August 30, 2006

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