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Internet acronym for 'rolling on the floor laughing with tears in my eyes', with the two I's and an s meant to be 'eyes'.
<User1> So the other day I got hit by a truck
<User2> roflwtimiis
by ZhugeMarc September 15, 2006
What spais are doing to mah sentree.
"spais sappen mah sentree!" - Engineers the world over
by ZhugeMarc April 11, 2008
Half-cast wannabe nigga.
Zack DeLa Rocha is such a hwigga.
by ZhugeMarc May 15, 2007
The epilogue mission of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Known for being batshit insane on Veteran difficulty, due to the ease with which the player dies and the 60-second timer. If you can beat it, consider yourself badass.
Dude, I can't finish Mile High Club on Veteran, I keep running out of time.
by ZhugeMarc January 19, 2008

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