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2 definitions by Zhou Enlai

(noun): A deposit of fecal matter containing large amounts of mucus. Muoop is distinguishable for: foul smell, gooey clean-up and infamous toilet after stick. If Muoop persists consider medical consultation as it may stem from Cystic Fibrosis. Comes from Greek "Pooponium Mucosus"
Charles: Golly gee, I just vandalized that toilet with some Muoop.
Sara: Damn you after stick! I'll get the bleach.

Johnson: Hm, I haven't had a good muoop in ages.

Johnson: That outfit makes me want to muoop all over your face.
by Zhou Enlai March 10, 2012
(noun): intercourse characterized by mutual feelings of exhaustion, befuddlement and an accumulation of bedtime body oils.
Billy: Yeah, we woke up and just did it groggy style. I definitely had some scrotum sweat.
Heracles: And her odors?
Billy: Pheromones were flying.
Heracles: Hm, most excellent.
by Zhou Enlai March 10, 2012