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2 definitions by Zhanna

1.A combination of the words scary and sexy.
2.When something or someone is so sexy it is scary.
3.When something or someone is scary but is still oddly attractive or sexy.
Kyo, from Dir en grey, is one scary bucket of sexy! I guess that would make him scexy.
by Zhanna August 31, 2006
1. A shortened name for the Guide to Reference Books, co edited by Robert Balay.
2. A term that can be used to describe the unwanting feeling associated with having to study or write a reseach paper.
3. A term used to express frustration with academic asigments.

Shannon: Michelle, I have a wicked case of the Balay.
Michelle: I had a case of the Balay last week. Damn Baxter and his useless assignments!

by Zhanna September 03, 2006