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3 definitions by ZestyZack

Pulling a Dom is when your friends are in a sticky situation, and you resolve said situation by killing yourself in a cinematic style.
"I can't believe Rick dove right into that bear!"
"Yeah, he saved our lives!'
"Yeah, he was totally pulling a dom."
"Dude...too soon."
by ZestyZack October 09, 2011
When one alerts the police for ridiculously stupid reasons.
Girlfriend: "Sorry, I gotta get off the phone or my brother's gonna kill me.
In Boyfriend's mind: "I should call the police!"


Boyfriend's Buddy: "You shouldn't of called the cops, man! You were really pulling a Ben there."
by ZestyZack October 08, 2011
A Dookie Corn, noun, is someone that was grown out of a kernel of corn that was fertilized on a woman's chest by the fecal matter it was emplanted upon with.
Person #1: "That person was adopted, right?"
Person #2: "Yeah, I think he's a Dookie Corn.
by ZestyZack October 07, 2011