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A twink is young attractive gay man often and usually blond. A typical twink has a slender, slightly muscular build with little or no body hair. Twink is often referred to as having a "swimmer's build. The age range for a twink is 14-25. Twinks are known for looks and not intellect. They are usually the bottoms during gay sex. Sometimes they are femme, but don't have to be. Originally the term referred principally to blonds, but among gay people the term increasingly includes other young men whose features are those principally described above, but are not necessarily blond. Although the architypical twink is infact a blond.The origin of the term is unknown but might be an allusion to the Twinkie pastry, which is golden (blond) on the outside with cream on the inside, and is pleasantly sweet but with little nutritional substance.
References for twink. Jeremy Jordon, Tim Hamilton, Tommy Hansen, Johan Paulik and Brent Corrigan.
by Zerstian September 08, 2006
Some other people that live at your moms or grandma's house. Usually other relatives who are for the most part mooching off the old lady. This term is often used in the African American community.
"Hey girl i'm going over to mamanems house for Sunday dinner."
by Zerstian September 08, 2006
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