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2 definitions by Zero Weapon1

The era of the popular MMORPG "Runescape" after the creators (Jagex) made a host of updates to rid their game of real-world-traders (RWT). Most old players regard these updates as ludicrous and horrible, as they destroyed most of the very foundation that made the game popular.
-"Man, Jagex really screwed up on this one,"

-"Yup, another fine edition for 'RuinedScape'."

by Zero Weapon1 May 07, 2008
A word used to describe something that is as awesome and/or cool as Ronald Reagan's presidency (adj).
Chuck-"Dude! I just saved this hot chick from a burning building and won the lottery!"

Bill- " That's Reaganomical man!

by Zero Weapon1 June 17, 2008