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Christmas, when written with the shorthand, as Xmas, translates from emoticon language into 'Kissmas'.
i.e. a kiss, X, plus 'mas'
We'll have a loving time this Kissmas.
by Zentas December 17, 2012
A do-gooding wowser who spoils art exhibitions and performances in the Arts, in the name of public morality.
Hetty Johnston's interference with Bill Henson photographic exhibitions, or with the appearance of Robert Crumb in Sydney, would, in my view, qualify her as a "Colonic-Irrigating-Suppository".
by Zentas August 14, 2011
He's all boast, but no capability...
He talked about all the travel he'd done, and all his achievements, but he's just a boneless wanker...
by Zentas November 25, 2010
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