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2 definitions by Zenken

The negative effect when one has not played the game Infamous after they had started it. The symptoms include visions of Reapers, strange female voice being heard, and the belief that you can heal yourself if you stand in front of a source of electricity and pretend your charging up.
Guy 1: Dude what are you doing infront of the power line??

Guy 2: Charging up of course *grunts*

Guy 1: You're suffering from Infamous Withdrawal man. Go and play it now.
by Zenken June 16, 2011
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The effect one has when they see something that looks so good and awesome, they must have it, taste it, see it, etc. The moment they do, they are disappointed eventually. Based off of the movie Sucker Punch.
Ohhh that candy looks so good!!

A while later...

Ahh this candy sucks! I hate the 'Sucker Punch' effect!
by Zenken May 21, 2011
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