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The theory that everyone is part of a league of individuals whoose dating is restricted to the league. Leagues can be determined based on a number of factors, including physical appearance, profession, income, style of dress, preferred music genre, knowledge of game, etc.

According to league theory you are sure to be rejected by someone above your league, and u would be a loser to date someone below your league.
League theory. Dat sum old bullshit fer real dawg. You can date and fuck anyone you want! This goes for everyone.
by ZenWolf187 February 08, 2009
Freshsemen found in a public or commonly shared place. Derived from "Soy Cheeze" indicating an alternative, non dairy form of cheese.

Created by any form of wildlife, and typically fould floating in the ocean or dripping down a wall in a public restroom.
Would you scoot over a little, I would like to sit down.

Sorry man, there's frottage cheeze all over the seat.

Can I take a shower?

Yea but no masturbating. If I find any frottage cheeze in there I'll hack your balls off!
by ZenWolf187 February 08, 2009
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