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A demonstrated level of superior mental intelligence, accompanied by a high I.Q., beyond that which people of "average" intelligence find comfortable or can understand, often to such a greater degree that it leaves them feeling intimidated or even somewhat frightened.
There is "smart," there is "really smart," and there is "scary smart"—so smart that you are glad the person uses their mind for good and not to rule the planet for their own enrichment. ~Professor David Tulloch, Rutgers University
by ZenWarrior October 17, 2009
Immaculate Cognition -- the state of forming and having an undeniably correct opinion without any input of accurate data or factual information.
Immaculate Cognition, the capricious and spontaneous generation of supposedly irrefutable knowledge without any verifiable outside influences or forces, is in reality rarer than Immaculate Conception.
by ZenWarrior June 30, 2011

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