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1. Noun. A slurry mixture of loose fecal material and sweat that often resides in the upper region of the butt crack.
1. She complained to Jim about constantly having to clean the butt paste off the toilet seat before she could use it.
2. Jim was in a hurry to make his meeting, so his incomplete ass-wiping resulted in a desposit of butt paste in the upper cleft of his derriere.
by Zen master Tave February 14, 2009
1. Noun. The elation pertaining to excitement or anticipation of massively multiplayer online role playing games.
2. Noun. A phenomenon by which an individual reaches a heightened sexual state from prolonged exposure to scantily clad online toons.
1. OMG World of Warcraft has a new expansion coming out! All the gamers are gonna mmorpgasm!
2. Chumley experienced his first mmorpgasm when he finally killed the witch elf in the rvr scenario.
by Zen master Tave February 14, 2009
1.Noun. The penile secretions of a feverish or high-temperature person.
2. The sticky adhesive that conjoins two or more pages of a porno-mag after a person has been in the restroom for too long.
1. He just wanted to put the tip in, but I could already feel the smagma on my va jay jay.
2. I really wanted to read that article in Playboy, but I couldn't get to it with all the smagma keeping the pages together.
by Zen master Tave February 14, 2009

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