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Inspired by an enemy in the video game Earthworm Jim 2, a maggot on a unicycle is a term used to describe someone who will fight or argue about anything nomatter how ridiculous just because they either don't like someone or because they like to argue.
Don't even bother talking to Kathleen, she is like a maggot on a unicycle.
by Zen Starcher October 17, 2006
When someone tries to dance but looks more like they need to take a big poop instead. This action may be accompanied by a look of intestinal distress upon the face of the Crunkstipated one.
Yo, check out Neils! that fool is Crunkstipated!
by Zen Starcher October 17, 2006
When a person gets so bored that they sodomize a "friend"

Not an act of love but an act of bored frustration
and anger that is taken out on the "friend" for being so fucking lame that they are more fun to assbang than they are to talk to.
Is Garret coming over?

No because he knows that I will just boredomize him.
by Zen Starcher October 23, 2006

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