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The vagina of a female descended from african relatives. (i.e. A black girl's pussy)
"Damn, I gots'ta get me some of that hoes nappy dugout"
by Zen Master Vex November 25, 2002
The idea of being one with your mind, so that self-perfection, self-preservation, and self-renouncement are freely available. One who studies the power of "zen" is one who challenges him- or herself to attaining complete physical confidence through mental stability. The power of zen is often manifested in the physical world as telepathy or entropy, and more so in the spiritual world as post-death abominations.
"He was so attuned with zen that he could see the future."
by Zen Master Vex November 25, 2002
adj., describes a person, especially female, that dates people for their money; a person who is stuck up and expensive to date; a person who can't fly coach; a high maintenance girlfriend or wife (from the movie 'Swingers')
"Stay away from her, she's Business Class"
by Zen Master Vex December 01, 2002
An alcoholic beverage that consists of half of a can of un-carbonated Dr. Pepper and 1 shot of rum that is atleast eighty proof, sometimes with a slice of lime. Nuka cola is traditionally served at room temperature, however chilling or pouring over ice is not uncommon.
"I got trashed on nuka cola last night."
by Zen Master Vex November 25, 2002
A rotary engine, so named because the rotors are triangular, which is the same shape as the Dorito chips.
"That dorito makes 700 horsepower."
by Zen Master Vex November 25, 2002

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