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A cartoon about CIA agent Stan Smith and his family, (son) Steve, (daughter) Hayley, (wife) Francene, (alien) Roger, and (goldfish) Klaus. Despite being created by Seth Macfarlane, the way the jokes are played out are quite the opposite then that of family guy. While taking no quick jab at Family guy, most of it's humor is quick gag jokes, that do not fit the plot, and involve some sort of random flashback. American Dad, however, does not do this and it's jokes can easily be applied to the plot/characters.
Example of this: In American Dad, Steve's friend, Toshi, is often misunderstood as he speaks in Japanese. Thus, the characters interpret it to fit their own mind, and as it's normally the opposite of what he has actually said, it makes a simple, humorous joke without having to use a flashback to randomly go off the storyline.
by Zelrio124 November 26, 2008

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