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a day, originally started by the Catholics, in honur of Saint Valentine ( for feasting )It is now mostly associated with the display of love, whether it be husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, or a person to his/her cruch.

2. Unfortuneately, it has become a largely significant date in the eyes of companies ( Hallmark, Lingere stores, Chocolates stores, Jewelry shops ) to make large amounts of money, by selling ridiculously over-priced items. Even though the giving of jewelry may seem very common, it has only been around for appox. 20 or so years.

3. Also known as Saint Valentine's Day Massacre; because of the shooting of 6 of George 'Bugs' Moran's gangmembers by five members of Al Capone's gang in Chicago, Illinois, in 1929
Valentine's Day, supposedly,to be a gesture of love to your special 'someone', that has been turned into some corporate advertisement, over-priced gifts, money-making day.
by Zelero January 14, 2006

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