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it's a way of saying really/super/awesome cool
that's my homegirl shannay, we grew up on da same blocc together, she's mad cool -Cam'Ron
by Zeemy-Locc August 07, 2006
When Yo Daddy (Black)African American nd Yo Mama (White)Australian mix em togetha nd U got me a "Niggastralian"
Guy #1: Ayo cuzz state yo nationality
Guy #2: Imma Niggastralian
by Zeemy-Locc August 24, 2006
Look all theze definitions are wrong.
A souljah is somebody who is ghetto nd is in a gang who fights other gangs, similiar to a gangsta but different. and 4 all u white people reading this a soldier is not the same because soldiers fight for a nation and or an army while "souljahz" fight 4 there hood.
- Souljahz are usually mexicanz and blacks dat roll in gangs/numbers and kill other gang members to protect.

- Gangstaz are people who run around wit a gunz shootin people and spend most of there adult life in jail

but alot is common
by Zeemy-Locc June 22, 2006
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