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When a man decides to splash his testicles in a warm plate of lasagna making sure there is plenty of sauce and maybe even a noodle on his sack and then he proceeds to rub his chef boyardee balls on her tits and face.
I had left over lasagna from Olive Garden so i figured i would give my bitch the Ballsagna.
by Zee Dubya Es May 23, 2009
The act of getting off in your partners bush and then proceeding to suck the goo from their pubic hair as if you were steam cleaning their crotch.
Lisa's bush was looking kind of rough today so i gave her a good ole Stanley Steamer.
by Zee Dubya Es May 23, 2009
The act of allowing a mentally disabled individual (male or female) perform fellatio (sucking of the cockage region) for your own pleasure completely disregarding the fact they are retarded
Hey guys you wont believe this! Bama just got a slowjob from that retard girl.
by Zee Dubya Es May 23, 2009

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