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Nazy's are politicaly perturbated persons. Their ideas are screwed up and they shouldnt even come out of their mother's vaginas. Hopefully Nazisme is dead but its successor (aka communism) is still snooping around in the round abouts of Russia...
Nazys sucks. I dont truly know why but it really does. A message for yall Nazies out there, screw you.
by Zee Dogg May 27, 2007
Hasbeen: You know, stuff that used to be popular before the middle ages, when our parents were still young and fresh.
Mickeal Jackson is a hasbeen. I cant believe why some people still listen to him. I mean, why dont you Mickeal Jackson fans pass on to Eminem?
by Zee Dogg May 26, 2007
A sport played with two hoops, an orange ball and 5 players on each team. If you want to play a sport, basketball is not the first to choose.
Basketball? naw daw I'd rather play soccer.
by Zee Dogg June 09, 2007

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