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A party crasher is a guy that invites himself in a party he isnt even invited to. They usually screw up the whole party. Without party crashers, parties wouldnt be fun anymore.
When theres no more alcohol at a party, what you need is a party crasher to entertain you.
by Zee Dogg May 27, 2007
21st century is an exact replica of the middle ages where only money, glory, sex, fun, celebrity, and power counts.
Guy 1: Ay, What the f*ck is this 21st century?

Guy 2: Come on Bob, lets buy a time machine.
by Zee Dogg May 27, 2007
TV: The first telivision has appeared with the arrival of Mankind. It was first made out of stone during the stone age, but the dates remain unprecise. In the lately 1930's, the TVs were made out of more complex materials and you could see something moving in it for the first time. Still Today, scientists are still looking for interesting shows because shows today are still as useless as 20 centuries ago. Id advise you to stick to your computer while the TV still evolves a bit more.
TV is a brown box with little images and colours moving up and down. In a few words, TV sucks bahhd.
by Zee Dogg May 26, 2007
MTV: A show that cavemen watch. Historians think it has most probably appeared in the ice age, near the 1980's.
MTV is for cavemen. Most of the population on this earth are cavemen because a lot watch MTV.
by Zee Dogg May 26, 2007
The fine way of flirting.
Flirt: damn you're hot, girl
Seduction: All the men in the world dont desirve you, my lady
by Zee Dogg June 10, 2007
A guy that sticks his ass to the couch and watches TV eating twinkies all day long. Also see American
Every American citizen has the right to be fat.
by Zee Dogg June 24, 2007
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