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A term coined by Bob Ross, he would use it as a way to describe when you have to paint something that could very easily ruin the painting. Typically it'd also be something he'd tell you not to trace or copy the way he does it.

Also usable as any time you need to do something with high risk/reward.
Bob Ross: See, you have to decide where the tree lives. This is going to be your Bravery Test
by Zedek December 06, 2012
It's a V neck that's V goes halfway down your chest. Usually worn by hipsters and douchebags who want to show off their chest hair or lack there of.
Mike: Dude, that guys V neck practically showed his nipples!

Dave: Eww, Deep V's are disgusting.
by Zedek August 27, 2012
To completely disappear without a trace and reappear somewhere else at a random time.
I went to get Josh a drink but when I came back he totally David Blaned.
by Zedek August 27, 2009
The generic name given to all snakes regardless of gender.
Barry:Speaking to Mitch The Snake Unleash the fury!
by Zedek August 27, 2009

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