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A drink consisting of POWERade and jolly ranchers. To make it simply add three jolly ranchers of a different color from your POWERade to it, wait until the color changes, then enjoy.
EX: Person 1: What you drinking?
Person 2: Cornbread juice.
by Zebradamus September 27, 2011
To completely obliterate something or someone, as if wrecking and destroying them/it at the same time.
EX1: "I just completely wreckstroyed those kids on CoD."
EX2: "Man i just completely wreckstroyed that sandwich."
EX3: "I'm going to completely wreckstroy you on the court."
by Zebradamus August 01, 2011
When you wreck someone/something so hard, "wreck" just doesn't cut it. An extreme form of wrecking. Can be used as a verb,noun, or adjective.
1) I just wrecksauced the shit out of him.
2) I just poured the wrecksauce all over her.
3) That food was wrecksauce.
4) I be drip drop drizzlin that A1 WreckSauce all over them.
by Zebradamus August 18, 2011

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