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A teacher from Natick, MA that was arrested for attempting to have a sexual encounter with a 12-year-old boy, who was actually a cop. Joe Doyle met the "boy" on the internet. The term is now used as anything having to do with being defeated or similar things. It is normally only used as Doyle (taking out the Joe). Synonomys with Rape, own, beat, kill (only when used as in one person defeating another at something).
Damn, they beat us 12-3... we just got doyled.
by Zebra Bandero April 25, 2004
as well as being a kingdom west of russia, It is also a city in gamhenge.
The lizards are from Prussia.
by Zebra Bandero April 25, 2004
Yet another term for cocaine. Mainly used in Bay area of California. Rappers such as Andre Nikatina say this often.
Anybody wanna get some motorola? I say an eight-ball of pure columbian sounds good.
by Zebra Bandero April 25, 2004

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