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Scene kids are really adorable and usually extremely nice.
Scene kids are very lively and fun to be around.
Scene kids are often mistaken for emo kids. Scene is a mixture of emo and preppy and they like to go to shows (where the scene is). Scene kids will occasionally listen to a rap song.

A scene GIRL: is pale, wears flats, jeans, striped shirts, shirts with bands, big jewelry, animalfur-patterened shirts, camoflauge, short choppy multicolored hair with bangs sweeping over one eye.

a scene BOY: tight jeans, camoflauge, band shirts, black clothing, bandanas, black hair usually and often multi colored streaks in it as well that fringes over an eye.

81.6% of scene kids have a myspace. *not proven

you can often catch scene kids saying "rawrr," "you are the sex," "bang bang bang," "i'm a ganstaa," "adjectiveface," or "supnoun" on their myspace.
they also use words like "rad" and "stellar"
scene kids have cute obsessions with things like rocketships, cheerios, ninjas, or pokemon (for example).

cute scene girls are usually going out with adorable scene guys...and are always "madly inlove with one another"
scene kid (boy): "hey love, are you coming with me to the from first to last show tonight? its supposed to be rad."
scene girl:"yeah i heard that was gonna be stellar."
scene boy: "aww you ARE the sex" :) *kiss with no tounge*
scene girl: "pick me up later...i have to redo my makeup. i look like a retardface"
by Zebita February 20, 2006

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