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3 definitions by Zdoggerdudemandogdude

When hold your hand like a gun with your pointer and middle finger extended outward and then finger a vagina.
Hey Tommy, did you give her the ol' six shooter?

I like to start off with six shooting.
by Zdoggerdudemandogdude July 07, 2006
A long strip of meat found in the rib cavity of a deer. A deer's tenderloin.
My dad cooks the best streumps in the world!
by zdoggerdudemandogdude September 03, 2006
A small piece of something that is irregular in shape and worthless in value. Commonly referred to as "a little piece of shit"
My dog loves when i flick crusty norts off of the table into his mouth.
by Zdoggerdudemandogdude July 06, 2006