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Swedish slang for penis. The english version would be John Thomas
Bloke #1: Zup dude what's your name?
Bloke #2: Petter Niklas!
Bloke #1: HAHA You cannot be serious mate!
by Zchwen October 03, 2011
A swedish tradition where crayfish, cheese and alcohol is consumed. The guests at the party wear bibs and paper hats, sings snaps songs before taking shots during the meal.

Before shelling and eating your crayfish, you must suck the juice out. The swedish chefs at Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time is demonstrating this on youtube.

In swedish the crayfish party is called Kräftskiva
Börje: Boy was that one wet kräftskiva at Leifs house last night!
Ulf: The crayfish party? True that, I've been vomiting all morning!
by Zchwen August 21, 2011
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