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A whore with a camera
mike: "sally fucked that guy for 10 dollars"
bob: "wow, what a whore"
mike: "yea, and they filmed it"
bob: "oh then in that case she's a porn star"
#porn #ron jeremy #peter north #sex #whore
by Zbuckley February 14, 2007
the act of punching somebody in the taint
That ho-bag makes me so mad i wanna taint slam her
#taint #gooch #cold earl #ho #slut
by Zbuckley May 04, 2007
When you freeze a turd and then procede to dildo a girl with it
After a shit that big, i'm not surprised that my girlfriend wanted to try a cold earl with it
#shit #hot karl #turd #dildo #fuck
by Zbuckley February 14, 2007
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