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An internet meme created by the BFFs Battlefield Friends

Sexy Man Pose can be seen as an ironic form of trolling or as an alternative to tea bagging in the first person shooter Battlefield 3.

After killing an opponent the player will lie down next to the corpse of their victim in prone position and change from their side arm to their main weapon creating the sexy man pose.
The gesture produced by sexy man pose resembles that of a reclining catalogue model and can appear to be strangely homoerotic. A whole squad can work the pose arranging themselves around the victim to “…spread out like a bunch of man candy.”
#teabagging #tea bagging #trolling #sexymanpose #sexyman pose #sexy man
by ZbrushCentral November 05, 2013
A female parent or guardian who considers it essential to provide their children with the latest games from the Call of Duty franchise.
An example of a review for Call of Duty: Ghosts left by a frustrated CoDmother.

pre order what a joke
pre ordered months ago and low and behold no game on release day !!! take the money but don't deliver, would not recommend if you actually want the game on day of release 2 very disappointed sons thanks
#codmother #cod mother #fps #first person shooter #games #cod
by ZbrushCentral November 06, 2013
An aggressive state of semi-literate rage commonly found amongst first person shooter fanboys or internet trolls.
The killiterate appear to have a vague understanding of conventional English grammar and spelling.

Fk! u hkr!!!!

sck m7 bbals u mthrfkr!!!!!!

cy u li6tle biftch!!
#illiterate #uneducated #ignorant #ignorance #fanboy #troll #games #fps #first person shooter
by ZbrushCentral November 06, 2013
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