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A game resembling A hentai orgy made up of snail's, pig's, mushroom's, all differant colors , and ocationally extremly flexible creatures called slimes. All of them are near the same size and appear to be the same gender.Humans can join in aswell. To play you must first download what people say is the "free" game from nexon, but is really a money sucking, repetitive and addictive game that makes boys and girls in thier late teens, who cant get bfs and gfs, spend thier parents life savings on nexon cards from 7 eleven, to accesorise thier 2D characters and get extra flashy attack items to help intensify thier orgys with others. After spending all thier money on nexon cards, they end up getting hacked by randome 12 year olds that have better social lives than they do, and so they commit suicide
19 year old Boy: "Well i offered $1,000 to that prostitute but she said i just wasnt worth it!?."

Nexon Website: " Any girl will be happy to fck you! Getting laid in maple story is as easy as pressing your down arrow key!"(litterally people do that)

19 year old boy: Wow fck college, im paying thousands of dollars and im still not getting laid, i'll just play maple story for the rest of my life and get some each and every day!
by ZayBallerr November 04, 2009

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