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See white pride...
See black pride...
See asian pride...

Realize how pathetic each one is...

This is racial pride;
a feeling that lingers after ages of racist conflict, a feeling exactly opposite of true forgiveness. To rise together as a racial group is segregation of such group.

True pride is in the individual, not the group. Saying, for example, that you are proud of all white people, would imply that you are proud of a great many wrongdoers of all sorts.
This, however, could be the exact same case for any racial group.

Let's begin by discontinuing segregation of ourselves.

Be proud of yourself as an individual above all...
"Racial pride is nearly equivalent to racism."
by Zawzs November 14, 2004
The feeling between guilt and pride when you've done something wrong, the feeling your mind brings upon you in punishment of intentional wrongdoings, the feeling that consumes all life, and the -!temporary!- feeling that will teach us in the afterlife.

"God"'s constructive criticism.

See also Westboro Baptist Church.
Life is like a standardized test. The grade is only for self reference.
by Zawzs December 22, 2004
A horrifying disgrace to life itself in the form of an overly stereotyped preteen drama. Recently adopted by The-N, which only emphasized the pure crap of degrassi by placing it in context with shows of similar or even worse nature, then airing commercials in an attempt to make it seem as if anyone gives a shit about it. These commercials contain ACTORS that say things like "If I was whats her name, I would so go out with such and such, regarldess of thing he did," making it seem to innocent young minds that what matters is having a girlfriend/boyfriend.

An act of pure brainwashing!
Degrassi is the epitome of youth stereotyping. We must stop it before it delivers the wrong message.
by Zawzs November 07, 2004
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