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A famous person or large corporation so obviously deceitful in what they say that no-one believes a word they say. They are oblivious to the fact that everybody else sees them differently to how they see themselves
1. Hippocritapotamus: a large oil (or mining) corporation trying to convince the public that they are 'going green' by greenwashing their public image, but not actually cleaning up their act one tiny bit.
#cat #omg #handbag #greenwash #hippopotamus
by Zapx August 22, 2008
abbreviation for Om eye god - referring to one's holyish third eye? Lots of children on trains and buses say it quite often. It's fun to to count how many times you hear it said.
"omg (Om eye god) -was that a cat that woman had in her handbag!" or "Om eye god I think my kundalini just rose a little"
#like #oh my god #god #cat #handbag #kundalini
by Zapx August 22, 2008
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