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1. The act of forgetting where you came from for good reason.
2. The act of being ungrateful when being presented with gifts you couldnt purchase on your own accord, mostly because of earnings structure that is paycheck to paycheck coupled with insufficient savings.
After I had put those fancy alloy wheels on her ragged car she had suddenly caught Camdenmnesia, which was bad in her case because I came over to her house and took them back.
#ingrate #ungrateful #stupid #cheesy #flawed
by Zanzibar Jose April 27, 2007
1. The act of realizing that your life won't amount to much and the unwillingness to do anything about it.
2. Also to realize you're not as smart as people told you you were.
After 5 months she had a Camdenization moment when she found herself by herself and always angry.
#trifling #unorganized #stupid #dumb #ignorant
by Zanzibar Jose April 27, 2007
A high abundance of dilapidated housing that is excessively overpriced for its geographic area and the amount of residents who receive welfare stipends to pay for it.
I cannot afford to live in a stable neighborhood but I can get myself a 3 bedroom Camdenminium in the ghetto.
#slum #ghetto #hood #hell #poor
by Zanzibar Jose April 27, 2007
To control 3 or more street corners in a 10 block radius with the intent of enganging in illegal and antisocial activities, like selling narcotics or prostitution.
I heard Earnest is serving 40 years in prison for running a Camdenopoly. The feds threw the book at him.
#narcotics #organized crime #rico #gang #drug
by Zanzibar Jose April 27, 2007
1. the engage in activities that are hopeless.
2. the act of socializing with someone with low self-esteem, self destructive tendencies and ghetto mindset.
Everytime I tried to deal with this women she would find a way to Camdenate my efforts.
#sabotage #hater #worthless #low self esteem #trifling
by Zanzibar Jose April 27, 2007
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