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From south park, a trans-species being that was once a Jew and had reconstructive surgery to make him (or her) a dolphin. Sometimes referred to as a lawphin.
Kyle's dad became a jewphin after surgery because he always wanted to be a dolphin.
by zanzibar March 09, 2005
An adonnis of epic proportion, a adaption of Sir, from noble blood. A Sirr's foot size is only eclipsed by the size of his ego and his penis.
Man i wish i was a Sirr, but diggity damn, i'm just an 'Astill'
by Zanzibar March 06, 2003
Totally annoying and uncaring and insensitive individual. Has all the sensitivity of a brillo pad
That is like so totally ash :(
by zanzibar May 06, 2005

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