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A shrivle is either one or all of the below:
1. A slut
2. Sex-Obsessed
3. A girl who tries too hard

Friendly version:
1. A girl constantly talking with their friends about a guy who they want to have sex with.
"Shay, do not worry about it, she is just a shirvle!"

"I need Booty!" the girl exclaimed, "You shirvle," Her friend replied.

Friendly Version:
"Okay wodie have fun on your date, ya shrivle!"
by Zany Shay February 28, 2005
1. Abbreviation for off the chain when you are too damn lazy to say the whole thing.
2. Hella tight
3. Raw/Good
4. Crazy
When my wodies get high, they are OTC!

Girl, you are OTC!
by Zany Shay February 26, 2005

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