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PHLRM is that stuff on the ceiling in hockey arena dressing rooms... usually on pipes.
phlrm is that stuff that people think is insulation in a dressing room... usually hockey arena.
by Zantonious Aquilous July 14, 2009
when somebody fails soo badly you cant help but to spell it with a P,H and two Z's
wow man, did u see that face plant, it was a definant phailzz
by Zantonious Aquilous July 24, 2009
A ''Freezie'' usually bought from a convience store, which is basically juice in a skinny plastic bag.
Guy #1: Hmmmm, i have 50 cents, i just might buy a Freznuh.
Guy #2: Great idea! I'll buy one too!
by Zantonious Aquilous August 06, 2009
The state of madness that is soo extreme, you seem to axcidentally soil your pants
Guy#1 : Omg this is total BS, XBOX LIVE server is down! I AM SOO ANGERPANTS RIGHT NOW, its gross.

Guy# 2 : you sould change your pants, i can see your angerpants mark.
by Zantonious Aquilous August 06, 2009

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