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a Deep South term from the 1960s and before which means approximately: fool, bastard, jerk, jackass, silly twit, silly billy, doofus, goofball, goof-off, layabout, delinquent, lazy bum, gadabout, joker, popinjay, etc. This word is almost always meant as an affectionate insult among friends, and doesn't carry much wallop. Cf. huckleberry and jackleg.
"You had all day long to mow the lawn and put on some clean clothes, son, and you haven't done a thing. You're such a jaybird." (said with a smile)
by Zanton July 15, 2009
Slang intensifier (adjective or adverb) used by truckers and others on the CB radio since at least the 1970s. It means "cotton-pickin'" or even "motherfuckin'." It was coined because government rules at the time forbade the use of curse words over the public airwaves. Today it's rather dated and hokey.
"Them smokies really be busy today -- that be fo' duck-pluckin', pea-pickin' sho'!" i.e. the police are giving out a lot of tickets today on the highway, no doubt about it!
by Zanton December 13, 2009

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