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Your other half. Your best friend. You go together like milk and cereal, capegirl and capeboy, kaila and max.The person that when you find them makes you feel whole and complete. The person you've been waiting your entire life to find. The person that once you find them you could not even imagine being without.
Zaney: I think I found my soulmate.
Franny: Could you imagine being without her?
Zaney: no, I never want to be without her.
Franny: Then I think you found her.
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by Zaneyyy April 30, 2009
When she is the first person you think of when you wake up, and the last person you think of at night. you think about her all day and cant wait to here from her. During class your just waiting for your phone to vibrate because you know its a text from her or when your around your computer your just waiting to here your aim go off because you know its her. when you text her even when you know she cant respond because you just like having her on your mind and the focus of your attention. When you will make up any excuse to see or be with her. When your with her nothing else matters. When she holds you, you feel safe, as if nothing in the world can bother you, and truth be told, nothing could, because when your with her, everything is perfect. When she is your best friend. When she is the one you could tell anything to and she will always be there to listen and comfort you. When she is the one that you wanttt to tell every little thing to. When you know you couldnt live without her. When seeing her makes you happy no matter how bad of a mood you were in. She is the one you could talk to for hours...and do...every night until ridiculous hours of the morning despite having tests, finals, or other major events the next day. When you suprise her at school just to see the look on her face when she sees you. And finally, when you have and feel "the energy". The energy is the feeling you have whenever you think of her, this feeling combines all of the things i have talked about. When your with her, you feel this energy even more, its overwhelming but you love it. You love it because it tells you your love is real, and you know she loves you back if she can relate to this energy, if she feels the same thing you do. <3 08/23/2008-forever
Scott: idk but when im around her i just get this crazy feeling, i feel like nothing in the world matters except for me and her.
Franny: thats the energy iv been telling you about, that energy is called love.
#max #kaila #maxandkaila #<3 #ily
by zaneyyy April 29, 2009
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