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3 definitions by Zane Jensen

When a females pubic hair resembles that of Howie Mandel's facial hair.
I was gettin with this chick and she took off her thong and I saw she had a Howie Mandel then I told her to put it back on.
by Zane Jensen January 30, 2009
41 13
The act of doing a girl doggy style then killing her with a block of concrete right before cuming.
JP was with this ho then gave her the Concrete Killer then we never saw her again.
by Zane Jensen January 28, 2009
46 36
Zender Bending is a sexual position where you bend the zend bend over the zend. Then you drink the excretions and then perform anal then take a shit on there chest.
JP was with this girl and gave her an old zender bending, she never talked to him again.
by Zane Jensen January 31, 2009
10 2