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A word that combines fantastic and fabulous. The definition is pretty obvious.
"I got a girlfriend!"
"Thats fantabulatic!"
by Zander April 26, 2005
Nerdiest of Random Inanimate Nerds. Zander was the original, but Casey took over the name after going through an identity crisis. Zander was then forced to become IORIN, the Inanimatest of Random Inanimate Nerds. He never agreed and refuses to accept his place as IORIN though.
That kid, NORIN, rox0rs !
by Zander March 12, 2005
A n00b at Dawn Of War.
Yifan and player X start playing. 5 seconds later, Yifan loses. >_<
by Zander January 26, 2005
The word was made up by Zander, a random inanimate nerd. It is a way of saying something is nice, sarcastically.
"I got a 110% on my English test!" Roy said.
"Bargaharg," replied Arthur.
by Zander March 13, 2005
You ejaculate in a girls mouth and then you punch her in the back or in the stomach so that the sperm comes back up through her nose walrus. Then, you punch her in the nose while the cum is dripping out and the blood gets mixed with the cum and looks like a cherry cheescake.
Jason: Jeez i hate that bitch. I had to give her a cherry cheesecake to tell her that i had had enough.
by zander April 19, 2005
One of three nerdy friends who enjoy randomness.
You can't wipe your backpack with a random inanimate nerd.
by Zander March 12, 2005
Crocodile Clip Crew - Crew of white homies with crocodile clips in their hair.
"You part of the CCC?"
"Yeah! Look at the crocodile clip in my hair blad"
by Zander April 27, 2005
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