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Someone with characteristics of both a vagina and an octopus while engaging in sexaul intercourse. Also someone who complains about their boy/girl friend to people who dont care.
Damn Jimmy D'amore needs to stop complaining about his ex, hes such a vagipus.
by Zamik Aramath November 12, 2010
Playing Monopoly but instead of game pieces you use severed vaginas that have been freeze dried to keep the board from being bloodied up.
Damn me, Mike, and Ben were going to play Vagopoly last night but Mike saw the game pieces and ran away.
by Zamik Aramath November 12, 2010
To stick ones hands up anothers bum hole, spread it out, and put it over your head thus resembling a hat
dude when i happy hole hatted ben his asshole started to bleed
by Zamik Aramath December 29, 2010

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