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Someone who is underscribably ugly beyond words that this is the only one that fits.
Man that kid's ugly, fuckin' gaggledorf.
by Zamberlin February 05, 2006
A male spouse whom is into childish activities. Like video games, comic, sci-fi, fantasy, etc etc and other trifles of geekdom and childhood facination
I now pronounce you husboy and wife
by Zamberlin March 18, 2010
Drugs referring to recently acquired harddrugs such a rolls, or any other pillbased drug
You hear about those newbuys that Josh has
You you got any newbuys?
by Zamberlin March 14, 2009
A holster for a gun. Specifically pertaining to a 19th century weapon
I've got my gat-sling. And I'm ready to go to war
by Zamberlin April 17, 2010
A male's sexual failure in a certain sitiuation. Most likely due to the inability during that particular time to maintain an erection, or fully experience a sexual sitituation.
Yeah I kind failcocked last night, drank way to much.

A Jerry try not to failcock it tonight.
by Zamberlin January 02, 2011

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